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Super-Size Your Comfort: Is the 2023 KingCamp Director's Folding Chair Still a Top Pick For Larger Campers?

"A heavy duty, reasonably lightweight and comfortable chair for the larger camper, or their unruly children. If you have space, these are suitable for long term use and cope well with weights up to 170 kgs."

Hello, fellow outdoor enthusiasts, Geoff K. here. Let me set the scene for you - there’s nothing I love more than waking up to the great outdoors, a sight I’ve enjoyed countless times in my four-decade-long affair with camping across the European continents. My faithful canine companion, Jess, likely sees more campfires than most dogs dream of. We both share a fondness for the rustle of the sleeping bag over the stiffness of roofed accommodations.

Over these adventurous years, I’ve learnt that while the wild serenity and grandeur are irreplaceable, a little comfort goes a long way. And that's what brings us closer to today's hero - the KingCamp Directors Chair. Now, I've rested my back on quite a few in my time, but I wanted to give this folding, oversize camping chair a whirl.

So, shall we delve into the nitty-gritty and see whether this chair is merely a place to park your behind or if it's indeed an investment in outdoor comfort? Join Jess and I, as we unpack my experience lounging around in the KingCamp Directors Chair. Buckle up, folks; it's time to dive deep into the world of comfy seating, marshmallows not included.


Side Table: This director chair includes a side table with a cup holder for managing beverages and food items, potentially enhancing the camping experience. It also has side storage bags for small items.

Frame Stability: Possessing a sturdy steel frame, the camping chair can accommodate up to 396 lbs, allowing users of substantial weight to utilize it with assurance. It has a big seat with a height 17.72 and a width of 20.87.

Foldability: The director chair is designed to set and fold within seconds, easing usage and storage. The packed measurements are 32.6x5.5x19.6, with a weight of only 9.7lbs, facilitating easy transportation via a handle.

Seat and Armrest Comfort: This garden director's chair boasts a padded seat, back support, and armrest for maximum comfort during camping.

Multipurpose Use: This camping chair lends itself to versatility; suitable for camping, hiking, BBQ, festivals, and can also be use in gardens, picnics, beaches, both indoors and outdoors.

Max Weight180 kgs
Weight4.4 kgs
MaterialAlloy Steel & Polyester 
Folded Dimensions83x14x50 cm
Unfolded Dimensions63D x 50W x 83H cm


As a person who enjoys camping, I appreciate equipment that adjusts to cater to my comfort and size. The 'KingCamp Directors Chair' checks these boxes with its robust steel frame supporting up to 396 lbs, making it a reliable choice for plus-sized individuals. The chair is designed to fold quickly and fits conveniently into my camping gear with its packed size of only 32.6x5.5x19.6. The stability of the chair, combined with the comfortable padded seat, back support, and armrests, has vastly improved my camping experience.

The chair is thoughtfully designed with additional features that cater to a camper's varied needs. The side table with a cup holder is a simple but useful feature, adding convenience during meals and coffee breaks. The added side storage bags have provided a handy solution for stowing away small items. These features are put together in a package that weighs a mere 9.7lbs, light enough to carry two at once, a plus for those tooled-up trips in my van.

Larger van-lifers will appreciate the capacity of this chair to accommodate their unique needs while ensuring comfort and facilitating an enjoyable camping or outdoor experience. Users will appreciate the product's high quality and sturdiness, and the company's customer service has been praised highly, which reassures potential buyers. Despite some initial concerns, the chair still proved to be a trustworthy travel companion and a suitable outdoor seating option when public options are limited or non-existent. These positive aspects of the 'KingCamp Directors Chair' certainly make it a recommendable product.

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Despite the chair's robust frame and wide seat, I found it to be less comfortable than expected. The canvas material doesn't have much give, making it hard to sit on for extended periods. My lower back started to ache after a short while, and I found myself needing a cushion for added comfort. The chair's extra width, while useful for accommodating larger outer layers, seemed unnecessary for someone of average build. Additionally, the side pockets, while handy in theory, proved to be more of a nuisance when packing up.

Another downside was the noticeable sagging of the fabric after just a few uses. Even though I'm well within the chair's weight limit, the seat felt less firm each time I used it. This was disappointing, especially considering the chair's relatively high price point. Furthermore, the chair arrived without a case or cover, which would have been useful for storage and transportation. Lastly, a hole appeared in the fabric where it meets the frame after some use, which seemed to be a manufacturing defect. Despite these issues, the company's customer service was commendable, offering a partial refund when contacted about the problems.

Should You Buy?Image of KingCamp Directors Chairs Folding Oversize Camping Chairs for Adults

After considering the overall experience of using the 'KingCamp Directors Chairs Folding Oversize Camping Chairs for Adults', the positives far outweigh the negatives. Its robustness, practicality and thoughtful features, like the side table and storage bags, offer a great deal of comfort and convenience for larger campers, in particular.

Yes, the chair had a few drawbacks. The canvas material was rigid, lessening the comfort over long periods of sitting, and the extra width of the seat wasn't necessary for average-sized individuals. There were durability issues as well with the fabric, which sagged noticeably after a few uses. Yet, these issues were partially mitigated by the company's supportive customer service, and considering the chair's overall functionality, they don't drastically impact its utility.

The 'KingCamp Directors Chair' is robust, lightweight, and comfortable; it's built with a larger or heavier user in mind but has a functionality that will be appealing to any frequent camper. While some may find its price point a bit steep considering the minor drawbacks, its durability, weight capacity, and smart design features ensure it offers bang for the buck.

As an enthusiast in the field, my advice to potential buyers would be thus: look beyond the minor imperfections. Based on its overall performance, the benefits it brings to your camping or outdoor experience make it a worthy investment. Given my experience, I would stand by recommending the 'KingCamp Directors Chair' as an excellent addition to your camping setup.

(Price When Reviewed: £55.00)


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