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Image of Overmont Oversized Camping Folding Chair with Side Pocket & Carry Bag

Is the 2023 Overmont Gigantic Camping Foldable Chair Still Worth your Buck? - A Review

"More comfortable than a standard chair, nice looking, but some durability concerns linger."

After four decades of traversing every nook and cranny of Europe's wilderness, I've come to appreciate the value of good, reliable camping gear. Sleeping under the stars is my preferred choice, although often that's also under my faithful canvas tent. And my sidekick, Jess? She seems to enjoy the outdoor romps just as much as I do, which brings me to my newest acquisition: the Overmont Oversized Folding Camping Chair.

You’re probably wondering why I'd be excited about a folding camping chair; but trust me, once you've tried balancing a campfire meal on your lap a few times – with a playful pup in tow – a sturdy chair becomes more than just a nice-to-have. But this isn’t just any chair; it’s the Overmont Oversized Folding Chair with a Side Pocket and Carry Bag, which had caught my eye some time back.

If you’ve got images of me wrestling to pack an unwieldy folding chair into a tiny carry bag, banish them right now. I’ve been pleasantly surprised so far; hence, the urge to pen a review. Of course, Jess has been there every step of the way, forever ready to join me on my 'seat test' adventure.

Without further ado, let's delve into the details, and see whether this chair could potentially be the newest star at your campsite, or if it's just a shiny new toy for this rugged outdoorsman and his loyal pooch.


The Overmont Oversized Camping Folding Chair is a heavy-duty seating solution, supporting up to 385 lbs in weight. The dimensions of this chair are 38.2'' L * 39.37'' W * 39.77'' H with a weight of 10.91 lbs. It can be collapsed to a dimension of 9.05 x 38.58 (23*98cm). The chair's fabric is 600D padded Oxford material and it comes with a padded armrest for maximum comfort.

The chair includes a cooler cup holder suitable for both hot and cold drinks. The side pockets can store items such as mobile phones, books or snacks. It can be set up and folded away easily within a few seconds.

The chair features a full back with a padded headrest and solid armrests for comfort. A cooler pocket is provided for the convenience of keeping drinks cool. The design aspects of this chair ensure comfort and convenience for outdoor activities.

Max Weight175 kgs
Weight5 kgs
Material?Alloy Steel 
Folded Dimensions100 x 16 x 16 cm
Unfolded Dimensions100 x58 x 58 cm


The Overmont Oversized Camping Folding Chair steps up to the height of comfort allowing overweight vanlifers to have a pleasant and convenient camping experience. It supports up to 385LBS, standing high above the ground and is significantly wider than standard chairs, providing ample space without digging into your legs. The excess weight has proven to be an indicator of its quality and robust build, presenting no risk of folding under even larger individuals. The padded Oxford fabric further enhances the chair's solidity while doubling up as a cozy store for your bum, letting you sink into serenity after a hard day's adventure.

When it comes to transporting this stellar camping companion, the Overmont makes expansive strides in comfort and practicality. It folds neatly into a compact carry bag that can be easily carried with the handle despite the chair's heavier build. The bag is also waterproof, which ideally caters to unpredictable weather conditions so prevalent in the UK and Europe. Setting up and dismantling the chair is a breeze and takes only seconds. So within minutes of arrival, you can have your mobile comfort throne ready to let you sit back and soak up the beauty of your latest camping spot.

Complementing the chair's comfort is its thoughtfully designed storage. The side pockets are perfect for anything from books to mobile phones, while the armrests come equipped with a cooler pouch and a cup holder. These allow for easy access to beverages or snacks, adding a touch of luxury to your relaxing moments. The rear pouch is also a welcome addition for storing larger items. All in all, the Overmont Oversized Camping Folding Chair is not merely a chair; it’s a reliable product that answers the distinct needs of overweight vanlifers - combining sturdy construction, easy mobility, and ample storage to make your camping escapades all the more enjoyable.

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Despite the chair's robust appearance and the promise of heavy-duty support, the reality was disappointing for some users. We saw no problems but the other users have reported that the rivets, which were crucial for holding the chair together, proved to be its Achilles heel. The frame appeared robust, but the pins used to secure it were of inferior quality and broke easily. This flaw was a significant letdown, especially given the chair's other notable attributes.

The chair's durability was a primary concern for its users. Even though it was used within the recommended weight limit, it broke during its initial use. One of the rivets failed as the user was rising from the seat, leading to immense disappointment. While the chair boasted comfort and convenient features such as a drinks holder and a cool bag, its usability was short-lived due to a faulty rivet. It's regrettable that such a promising product was undermined by its subpar construction.

Should You Buy?Image of Overmont Oversized Camping Folding Chair with Side Pocket & Carry Bag

So, having spent considerable time both enjoying the luxuries provided by the Overmont Oversized Camping Folding Chair and bearing the brunt of its shortcomings, I feel well equipped to offer my conclusive thoughts. This chair, undoubtedly, offers a generous amount of comfort and thoughtful design elements that enhance your camping experience. From its ample weight capacity, higher seat, and wider build that caters perfectly for us big bodied folks, to the luxurious padded Oxford fabric and cleverly incorporated storage pockets, this chair does not skimp on features.

Its compact, waterproof carry bag and easy setup also lend a hand to its mobility and practicality, making it a handy companion for the adventurous vanlife. The chair exudes superior comfort and thoughtful design catering to the detailed needs of overweight individuals.

But, and it's a considerable but, the chair falters remarkably in its durability. Unfortunately, the rivets, which form the foundation of the chair, are made of a quality that leaves much to be desired, snapping under strain and rendering the chair useless. It was disappointing to find such a flaw in a product that otherwise stood as an impressive camping accessory.

In conclusion, the Overmont Oversized Camping Folding Chair walks a fine line between brilliance and disappointment. The blend of comfort and convenience is intermingled with glaring durability issues. If the manufacturers could address these robustness concerns, then this chair has the potential to easily eclipse its counterparts. Until such an upgrade manifests, I would recommend a degree of caution. A product that can't stand the test of time - or in this case, the test of the first use - can hardly be deemed a worthy investment. In the end, durability should never be sacrificed for comfort.

(Price When Reviewed: £48.00)


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