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Discover the Magic of Trespass Padded Folding Chair - The Steel Frame Wonder that Transforms Camping, Fishing, & Garden Lounging.

"Not strickly a traditional camping chair, but comfortable, trivial to fold and attractive. If you have the space you will avoid most of the usual disadvantages of smaller camping chairs."

Hi, all. This is Rebecca Wills, your resident vanlifer, tech fanatic, and freelance web developer, checking in from the open road where my nomadic lifestyle keeps me roving in my trusty van in picturesque UK and my little mobile home in the expansive US. You wouldn’t believe the amazing things I stumble upon in my travels, and it's not just breathtaking views and quirky roadside attractions. Today, I'm sharing with you some incredibly relevant finds from the realms of outdoor living.

Allow me to steer your attention to an item that's earned a prime spot in my travel must-haves: the Trespass Folding Deck Chair Padded Camping Garden Fishing Steel Frame. Quite a mouthful, isn’t it? Well, apart from its lengthy name, everything about this chair is designed to be succinct and to the point, crafted to facilitate a portable outdoor lifestyle with minimal fuss but maximum comfort.

I've been testing this product under every condition my unpredictable, road-trotting existence can throw at it, so I can't wait to share with you all the ins and outs. Buckle up, dear readers, as we dive into a detailed review of this nomad-friendly deck chair. While I'm not going to tell you it's a so-called game changer, I think you'll enjoy seeing what it has to offer – and how it might just make your outdoor relaxation more comfortable.


FOLDING GARDEN CHAIR - This garden chair features a reliable steel frame and a foam-padded seat for extended durability and comfort. Its lightweight design, at 3.8kg, promotes easy movement and portability.

SIZING DIMENSIONS - Its collapsible design makes this folding chair suitable for a variety of outdoor and garden locations. The significant dimensions measure 93cm Height x 60cm Width x 60cm Depth, thus ensuring spacious seating.

PACKAWAY DIMENSIONS - The chair when folded measures 87cm Height x 66cm Width x 9cm Depth, a compact size making storage and transportation simple. The collapsible design also facilitates easy assembly and disassembly.

PRACTICAL & PORTABLE - Ideal for leisurely activities in your garden, patio or camping trips, this folding chair fuses utility and design. Its usage extends to camping, picnics, festivals, and beyond, guaranteeing comfortable seating wherever.

RANGE OF COLOURS - This chair is available in an array of shades to blend effortlessly with your garden decor or patio furniture. This enables the selection of a chair to match your style.

Max Weight120 kgs
Weight3.8 kgs
MaterialAlloy Steel 
Folded Dimensions87 x 66 x 9 cm
Unfolded Dimensions60D x 60W x 93H cm


The Trespass Folding Deck Chair is an ideal product for camping enthusiasts, particularly those who may struggle with excess weight. The solid steel frame and foam-padded seating offer superb durability and comfort, accommodating the specific needs of different body types. The sturdy build of the chair, as well as it being lightweight and easily portable, assures a stress-free outdoor experience, as testified by several users. The comfort factor is amplified by the chair's substantial 93cm x 60cm x 60cm dimensions, providing ample space for a comfortable sitting position.

Add to the mix its collapsible design, aiding in seamless setup and takedown, and you have the ultimate convenience - perfect for campers on the move. Its packaway dimensions of 87cm Height x 66cm Width x 9cm Depth are considerable assets, making storage and transportation a relative breeze. The Trespass Chair can appreciably enhance outdoor adventures; it's suitable for a variety of settings, from gardens to diverse camping locations across UK and Europe.

The product also scores highly on aesthetics. The wide range of vibrant colours available allows the chair to blend seamlessly with any garden or camping decor, providing users the opportunity to complement their style. A purchase of multiple chairs, like one user who bought four, can significantly amplify the overall aesthetic appeal of your outdoor living. It is worth noting that the yellow variant, in particular, seems to have attracted attention from other campers, potentially making it a communal conversation starter. From comfort and durability to aesthetics and convenience, the Trespass Folding Deck Chair surely ticks many boxes for camping fans, especially the Overweight Vanlifers.

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Despite the chair's overall comfort, it does have a few drawbacks. One of the main issues is the narrowness of the seat. If you're on the larger side, you might find it a bit of a squeeze despite the hefty weight capacity. The chair is comfortable, but it's not exactly spacious. The backrest, while supportive, is not high enough to provide head support for the average person. As a shorter individual, I could rest my head on it, but anyone taller might struggle.

Another issue I encountered was receiving a faulty product initially. Although the company quickly rectified the problem, it was still an inconvenience. Also, while the chair is marketed as suitable for camping, I would only recommend it if you drive directly to the site and set up on flat land with good weather. It's not the most practical choice for more rugged outdoor adventures.

Should You Buy?Image of Trespass Folding Deck Chair Padded Camping Garden Fishing Steel Frame

In conclusion, the Trespass Folding Deck Chair offers a fantastic middle ground between a traditional camping chair and a more substantial deck chair. Its durable steel frame, foam padded seating and lightweight portability make it an attractive choice for campers, especially those with larger body types. It's easily stored and transportable, thanks to its clever collapsible design and compact packaway dimensions. The chair offers enhanced comfort with an ample sitting space, although, for those on the broader side, it might be somewhat lacking in roominess.

The lack of head support and suitability for all terrains and weathers does dampen its overall appeal. That said, it's an excellent addition to any road trip or stationary, good-weather camping situation.

The product's appeal extends from functionality to aesthetics, making it a fitting accessory to any garden or camping decor. The Trespass Folding Deck Chair does have its limitations, but if you are aware of those and they fit within your specific needs and constraints, it can be a truly worthwhile purchase. The delivery issues some customers experienced appear to be anomalies rather than the norm, and the quick rectification attests to reliable customer service.

All in all, if robust construction, comfort and style are priorities in your camping chair selection - and you're not intending to trek through rough terrains or face inclement weather - the Trespass Folding Deck Chair is undeniably a purchase to consider.

(Price When Reviewed: £52.00)


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