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Upgrade Your Dining Experience: The Argon Tableware 16 Piece White Enamel Set Reviewed!

"The height of durability and very light weight, but transmits heat a little too well and can be noisy."

Hello, I'm Rani Desai, and during my days contributing to consumer magazines in the quaint city of Bath, I garnered quite the fondness for household items that blend functionality with a touch of class. But it wasn't until I embarked on my journey as a full-time writer and reviewer that I truly appreciated the charm of sustainable products. So, when the Argon Tableware 16 Piece White Enamel Dinner Set arrived on my doorstep, having been purchased specifically for our thorough testing, I was eager to see if it would shine in practicality as much as it did in its glossy finish.

As someone who has a knack for celebrating the great outdoors and loves to bring a bit of that eco-conscious spirit indoors, I was curious to discover whether this dinner set could hold its own amid the hustle of everyday use. Join me as I share my candid experience with this charming addition to any dinner table, perfect for those who treasure durability without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.


The Argon Tableware 16 Piece White Enamel Dinner Set includes tableware with a traditional look and texture. This set is designed for use both indoors and for outdoor activities, such as camping. The tableware's construction features a pressed steel shell for enhanced strength and durability. Additionally, a non-stick enamel coating is applied to each piece to prevent rust and wear from outdoor conditions.

Product dimensions are as follows:

- Dinner Plate: Diameter: 25.5cm, Height: 2cm

- Side Plate: Diameter: 20cm, Height: 1.5cm

- Bowl: Diameter: 16cm, Height: 6cm

- Mug: Capacity: (not specified), Diameter: 8cm, Width: 12cm, Height: 9cm

The set is covered by a 2-year warranty, and customer service support is available for assistance.

Weight3.46 kgs
MaterialEnamel over Metal 
DimensionsDinner Plate D: 25.5cm H: 2cm Side Plate D: 20cm H: 1.5cm Bowl D: 16cm H: 6cm Mug C: ml D: 8cm W: 12cm H: 9cm cm


As an avid camper and outdoor enthusiast, I can attest to the robust quality of the Argon Tableware 16 Piece White Enamel Dinner Set. Its pressed steel shell exudes toughness that withstands the unpredictable conditions of the wild. Perfect for a sunrise breakfast or a fireside dinner, this set has proven itself an ideal companion for my culinary adventures. The bright, happy color of the yellow set adds a cheerful touch to the camping van, much appreciated after a long day of fishing or tackling hiking trails. It's not just functional; its pleasing aesthetic complements the beautiful vistas that nature has to offer.

The enamel finish on the dinnerware has a remarkably durable feel, reassuring to anyone concerned about the wear and tear of camping gear. The non-stick enamel coating is a thoughtful feature that has stood up against rust, a common problem when adventuring in damp environments. On top of the solid build, it's visually pleasing, ensuring that your campsite meal is served up with a side of style. The sturdiness of the set doesn't sacrifice good looks; it has drawn many compliments from fellow campers who share a keen eye for quality equipment.

Furthermore, having experienced an initial mishap with the delivery wherein some items arrived damaged, I was thoroughly impressed with the expedient and considerate customer service from Argon Tableware. The replacements were prompt and hassle-free, allowing me to get back to what I love doing most: enjoying the freedom and exhilaration of the outdoors. Their dedication to customer satisfaction mirrors the resilience and reliability that we, as a community of adventurers, deeply value. This enamel dinner set has undoubtedly enriched my camping experiences, proving an asset for any travel, fishing, or adventure enthusiast seeking durable and appealing tableware.

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The enamel on the cups was severely chipped, revealing the bare metal beneath, which raised concerns about the longevity and safety of the set. The paint job was uneven and sloppy, with some pieces even showing signs of rust or similar blemishes. It was evident that the packaging was not up to the task, as several items arrived damaged. Although customer service was prompt in replacing the damaged items, the overall experience has left me questioning the durability and quality control of this dinnerware set.

Should You Buy?Image of Argon Tableware 16 Piece White Enamel Dinner Set

In conclusion, the Argon Tableware 16 Piece White Enamel Dinner Set stands as a noteworthy contender in the camping essentials arena. As an enthusiast who has embraced the outdoors with vigor, I have found the blend of durability and style in this dinnerware set to be affirming. Its heavy-duty construction supports the rigors of outdoor dining, while the vibrant yellow hue injects a splash of joy into each meal against nature's backdrop. The enamel's resilience to rust and wear is commendable, enhancing the longevity of my investment.

However, the initial disappointment I faced with the subpar quality cannot be disregarded. The arrival of a damaged set was a setback, and the chipped enamel exposed glaring concerns about the quality assurance measures taken by Argon Tableware. Despite the exceptional customer service that mediated the issue adeptly, it's clear that improvements in packaging and quality inspections are imperative for ensuring continued customer trust.

With a product that manages to be both robust and lightweight, there remains a cautionary note to its practicality—heat conduction and noise are drawbacks that one must be mindful of. The ease with which these plates transmit heat may require the use of additional protection when serving hot food, and the clamor of metal could disrupt the serenity of an otherwise peaceful outdoor setting.

To the question of whether the Argon Tableware Dinner Set is worth purchasing, the answer lies in weighing the positives against the imperfect first impressions. For those willing to navigate the potential initial inconvenience, this set demonstrates significant merit as a long-term companion for adventurers who favor durability matched with flair. If you're seeking tableware that will endure the elements and celebrate the spirit of the wild, this set is worth considering, albeit with a tempered expectation of initial perfection.

(Price When Reviewed: £32.00)


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