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Go Wild with Style: The Ultimate 48-Piece Unbreakable Dinnerware Set Review for the Chic Camper.

"Light, good looking and great value for money, with plenty of bowls, plates and cutlery included."

Hello, intrepid campers and eco-enthusiasts. Rani Desai here, your go-to reviewer for all things sustainable and adventure-ready. After cutting my teeth on consumer magazines in the charming city of Bath, I've delved into the online world where I share my take on the latest eco-friendly gadgets and durable outdoor goodies. Today, I'm bringing the outdoors to you with a splash of color and a promise of resilience. We purchased the 'Colourful 48pcs Unbreakable Camping Dinnerware Set for 4 People' to put it through its paces, and I'm itching to share my findings with you.

Imagine sitting by the campfire, your meal beautifully presented on dinnerware that not only brightens up your setup but also withstands the rugged love of the great outdoors. So, grab your spork and settle in, as I take you through the ins and outs of this vibrant camping essential. Let's discover if it holds up to the rigors of our eco-adventures together, shall we?


The product is a 48-piece lightweight tableware set designed for camping and it accommodates 4 people. The set includes 15 cm bowls (4), 22.5 cm salad plates (4), 14.5 cm dessert plates (4), 400ml cups (4), a combination of coloured utensils - knife, fork, spoon, and chopsticks (4 sets), and 10 cm fruit forks (12).

The design promotes space conservation with its stackability and features smooth round edges. The set is made from a reusable food grade PP material, indicating its safety and suitability for all users.

The tableware sets can be used in settings such as parties, picnics, camping, home, school, office, and for outdoor usage or travel purposes.

The product features an unbreakable design and is easy to clean, making it suitable for children, adults, or seniors. It's confirmed to be safe for use in a washer and a microwave.

CSYY extends a lifetime guarantee on the product, providing a full refund or replacement in the event of a damaged item. The company can be contacted anytime for assistance and intends to respond within a 24-hour timeframe.

Weight1.4 kgs
MaterialFood Grade PP 
Dimensions24 x 23 x 16 cm


As an avid camper who's constantly on the lookout for durable and practical gear, I find the Colourful 48pcs Unbreakable Camping Dinnerware Sets to be a brilliant choice for any outdoor activity. The vibrant colors and the unbreakable quality are not just a hit with the kids, but also add a touch of homeliness to any campsite. When you're out in the wild trying to keep a sense of normalcy amidst the rough terrain, these plates, bowls, and cups indeed serve the purpose. Not only does their sturdy construction mean I don't have to worry about breakage during travel or while fishing on a rocky riverbank, but they're also lightweight enough to pack without adding much weight to my gear.

The set's stackable design and smooth, safe edges prove to be incredibly space-efficient, which is a godsend when packing everything into a car. Made from food-grade PP material, these pieces are reusable and safe, aligning with the ethos of true outdoor enthusiasts who prioritize leaving no trace. After a long day of hiking or climbing, it's reassuring to know that meal prep will be straightforward and clean-up even easier. Knowing the dinnerware can go straight into the dishwasher after a campfire meal simplifies things, allowing for more time to bask in the tranquility of nature and revel in the day's adventures.

Moreover, what secures my confidence in this dinnerware set is the company's lifetime guarantee, a testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction. While the rare occurrence of receiving a damaged item could be a hiccup, their policy of a full refund or replacement offers peace of mind throughout the purchasing process. This reliable customer service is essential when preparing for trips focused on outdoor pursuits, ensuring that whether you're setting up a picnic or having a post-climb meal, you'll be well-equipped to enjoy the complete outdoor experience without any concerns about your dining ware.

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However, I was disappointed to find that the set arrived incomplete, which was quite a letdown. The vibrant colors and good quality material couldn't make up for the fact that the side plates were missing from my order. It's unclear if this is a recurring issue or just a one-off mistake, but it certainly put a damper on my excitement. Additionally, while the cutlery containers are handy for organization, the cutlery itself left something to be desired. The forks are a bit too flexible for my liking, which makes them feel less durable than I had hoped for.

Another point of frustration was dealing with a broken piece upon arrival. It's great that the set is supposed to be unbreakable and dishwasher safe, but having to consider returning the entire set just because of one damaged item seems excessive and inconvenient. Moreover, the difficulty in contacting the seller to address these issues only adds to the annoyance. To top it off, I also discovered a missing fork when I opened the package. While the overall value for money and quality seem good, these oversights in completeness and customer service are significant drawbacks that potential buyers should be aware of.

Should You Buy?Image of Colourful 48pcs Unbreakable Camping Dinnerware Sets for 4 People

In conclusion, the Colourful 48pcs Unbreakable Camping Dinnerware Sets for 4 People emerges as a commendable investment for the outdoor aficionado. As an experienced camper, I can attest to its superior resilience and practicality. The collection's vibrant hues inject a sense of warmth into wilderness excursions, and its lightweight, stackable design provides unparalleled convenience. Crafted from robust, food-grade PP material, the dinnerware is reusable and eco-friendly—traits every outdoor lover would appreciate. The dishwasher-safe aspect is a boon, ensuring hassle-free clean-up after savoring meals amidst nature.

Despite its many attributes, the disappointment of an incomplete set with missing side plates cannot be understated, a lapse that one hopes is an isolated incident. The cutlery's flexibility might undermine its perceived durability for some users. The frustration is compounded by the ordeal of a broken item upon delivery and the challenge in reaching customer service for resolution.

However, considering the lifetime guarantee and proactive customer resolution strategies the company touts — offering peace of mind over the long term — the pros substantially outweigh the cons. On balance, this dinnerware set shines for its lightness, aesthetic appeal, and excellent value. It is teeming with sufficient tableware to cater to a group of four. Hence, despite the initial hiccups, for avid campers eyeing a blend of style, substance, and sustainability, I firmly believe this dinnerware set is worthy of consideration for your outdoor dining requirements. The positives, in this case, do trump the negatives, and with hope that the company will smooth out their fulfillment process, your next open-air banquet should be well-equipped elegantly.

(Price When Reviewed: £20.00)


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