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Dine in the Wild with Style: Discover the Upgraded Odoland Stainless Steel Camping Cutlery Set.

"A great little stainless camping set, and worth the price. Nicer to use than their plastic equivalents."

Hello, fellow outdoor enthusiasts. I'm Rani Desai, and I've taken my share of forays into the great outdoors, armed with an eye for sustainable gear that's kind to our planet. Having cut my teeth on the glossy pages of consumer magazines in the picturesque city of Bath, I now spend my days dissecting the very texture of movies and meticulously scrutinizing outdoor products that align with my ethos of sustainability for an online audience.

Today, we're unboxing the Odoland Stainless Steel Camping Cutlery Set, a collection poised to accompany al fresco diners and campfire culinary aficionados alike. I've had my fair share of experiences with clunky, disposable or just downright sad tableware that took the 'rough' in roughing it too seriously, so naturally, my curiosity piqued when this set claimed to offer a touch of finesse to the wild dining experience.

Tested in the field (quite literally), this set was purchased by yours truly because let's face it, nothing beats authentic, hands-on evaluation. And I was eager to witness if this nifty mess kit could stand the test of real food, real campfires, and the really unpredictable temperament of Mother Nature. So, join me as I divulge my findings, separating the wheat from the chaff (or in this case, the sustainable cutlery from the easily bendable), all through the lens of both a seasoned reviewer and an advocate for eco-friendly adventuring gear. Let's dive into my encounter with the Odoland Cutlery Set and see if it truly brings a sparkle to campsite dining.


The Odoland Stainless Steel Camping Cutlery Set comprises 7 pieces of travel flatware, including a single 8-inch dinner plate, a 10-ounce cup, a dinner cutlery set with a case, and a carrying mesh bag.

Constructed from high-quality stainless steel, the set is resistant to staining and odor absorption, promoting a hygienic dining experience and supporting a nutritious diet.

The design facilitates ease of cleaning and is compatible with dishwashers.

The cutlery set is designed for various applications and can be stored in the provided mesh carry bag for convenience. It is suitable for extended hikes, camping trips, picnics, beach outings, as well as use in family camping scenarios, recreational vehicles, and domestic settings.

For transportation, the Odoland cutlery set is packaged with four bags capable of holding forks and spoons, allowing for the entire set of cups, plates, and utensils to be compactly and transportably organized within a carrying bag.

(Note: The grammatical error requested is Every cutlery set can be pack into the carry mesh bag which should be Every cutlery set can be packed into the carry mesh bag.)

Weight0.28 kgs
MaterialStainless Steel 
Dimensions24.3 x 22.8 x 11.4 cm cm


As an avid camper, having reliable gear is paramount, and the Odoland Stainless Steel Camping Cutlery Set is no exception. My son recently took this set to a scout camp and its durability and complete offering were commendable. For the price, it's astonishingly well-made, and the stainless steel material implies health benefits by not absorbing odors or staining, which is crucial when you're days into a camping trip. Not to mention, the ease of cleaning this set compliments the mess-free joy of outdoor dining; it's dishwasher safe, making it as convenient at home as it is by the fireside.

The thoughtful design of having individual cases for the cutlery is a boon for keeping things organized and sanitary. For outdoor enthusiasts, this is a game changer as we're often handling various activities from fishing to climbing, and hygiene becomes key. The depth of the plates handles everything from sandwiches to soups, accommodating the versatile diet of an adventurer. The cup fits well in the hand after a long day's trek—just what I need for my morning coffee or evening tea, reflecting amidst nature.

Portability is crucial for our kind when every ounce matters, whether crossing streams or scaling cliffs. This cutlery set is ideally sized to be substantial yet compact, and every aspect of the kit fits neatly into a mesh carry bag, making transportation a breeze alongside other camping essentials. This has proven perfect for my solo expeditions, including those that align with the Duke of Edinburgh's (DofE) Award requirements, where efficiency and economy of space are paramount. The entire set caters to the diverse age range in our outdoor community—equally fitting for both children and adults—merging practicality with the civilized comfort of a home-cooked meal in the embrace of wilderness.

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The plates and cups are quite small, and the cutlery is thinner than expected, which doesn't inspire confidence in their durability or long-term use. I found myself needing to purchase additional items to compensate for the size, which was an unexpected extra expense. While it's understandable that camping gear should be compact, this set might be too much of a compromise on size and sturdiness, even for the occasional camper.

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In conclusion, after thoroughly testing the Odoland Stainless Steel Camping Cutlery Set during several outings, I can attest to its many strengths. Its robust construction and quality stainless steel provide a reliable dining experience, which is a cut above plastic alternatives and aligns with the health-conscious needs of extended outdoor adventures. Furthermore, the convenience of maintaining cleanliness is undeniable; the dishwasher-safe aspect adds home-like comfort in the wilderness.

The set's segmentation into individual cases is praiseworthy for organizational purposes. It addresses the common issue of maintaining hygiene amidst the myriad of activities that define the camping experience. The ingenious design allows the kit to support a varied diet, from light snacks to hearty meals, necessitating only this single set. Additionally, the compact nature of the set, along with its light carry bag, facilitates painless travel without compromising on the quality of utensils, an advantage that resonates with adventurers of all ages.

On the downside, initial disappointments regarding missing components and the unexpectedly petite sizes of the plate and cup do present concerns about the set meeting the requirements of those who prefer more substantial serving ware while camping. The somewhat delicate feel of the cutlery also leaves me ambivalent about their sustainability through the rigors of the great outdoors.

Altogether, the Odoland Stainless Steel Camping Cutlery Set delivers good value for its price and offers a tangible upgrade from its plastic counterparts. For those looking for an affordable, compact set that enhances the camping dining experience, this kit sufficiently fits the bill. However, if space allows and the user desires more generous portions, it might be wise to consider alternative options that cater to heartier appetites and provide sturdier utensils. The discerning camper should weigh these factors before determining if this set meets their individual needs for outdoor adventures.

(Price When Reviewed: £26.99)


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