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Discover the Magic of Outdoor Cooking with the Odoland Portable Fire Pit: A Comprehensive Review.

"Smaller than we expected, so check the dimensions to make sure it fits your needs, but a good design and performs well as the fire is well shielded."

Hello friends. Rani Desai here, bringing you my latest find for outdoor enthusiasts who maintain a green conscience. As a former Bath magazine editor turned online critic, I've cultivated a serious passion for products that are not only practical, but Earth-friendly. As part of our ongoing commitment to bring you the most accurate and reliable information, my team and I purchased the Odoland Portable Camping Fire Pit with Detachable Cooking Grate to put it through its paces. Will it become a must-have for all of your upcoming escapades in the wilderness or merely a pretty embellishment beside your tent? Can it handle the heat or just flame out? Let’s see if this fire pit lives up to its promising features or leaves us out in the cold. Trust me, this is a review you won’t want to miss.


The Odoland Portable Camping Fire Pit with Detachable Cooking Grate is compact and foldable. It collapses into measurements of 33cm/13 x 26.7cm/10.5 and is easy to store in the provided carrying pouch. With carry holders, it can be moved around easily once assembled.

This model is multi-functional, serving as a wood burning stove, BBQ grill, and wind baffles. It accommodates various cooking methods including wood burning and charcoal burning.

The material is high-heat resistant painted metal and includes a 304 Stainless Steel grill. It is suitable for grilling and compatible with outdoor cookware, frying pans, skillets, and pots for cooking over an open fire.

For safety, the included grill can function as a fire screen to catch sparks, embers, and other flying debris. The assembly process is straightforward and requires no screws, making it possible to set up in a matter of minutes.

The fire pit's modern design makes it a suitable addition to any outdoor setting including gardens, patios, backyards, and terraces. It's also a practical choice for camping trips, winter heating, beach bonfires, and backyard BBQs.

Weight2.3 kgs
Dimensions29 x 29 x 20 high cm


As an ardent outdoor enthusiast, the Odoland Portable Camping Fire Pit with Detachable Cooking Grate has been a absolute marvel. The compact size of this fire pit, which easily folds away into a compact pouch, is the first standout feature. Amidst the vastness of nature, having a portable and easy to assemble gear is key. With less than a minute of assembly, it fires up in no time, ready to grill a burger or to provide a warm ambiance for those chilly summer evenings. The excellent, sturdy design supports various cooking methods, including wood and charcoal burning, making it versatile for various outdoor needs.

The craftsmanship involved in creating this fire pit is commendable. Constructed from high heat resistant materials, this fire pit not only tolerates extreme conditions but does so in style with its attractive design. Notably, I've used it frequently, and to my relief, the heat doesn't affect the paint, enhancing its durability. Personally, I've roasted some amazing steaks on it using only a fraction of my oak wood. Furthermore, it's notably easy to clean, allowing for more time to soak in the serene landscapes and less time worrying about maintenance.

For those adventurous souls whose passion aligns with camping, fishing, and hiking, the Odoland Portable Camping Fire Pit is a must-have. It fits neatly into your camping gear without hogging space, thus leaving room for more essentials. It's the perfect accompaniment for a beach bonfire or a weekend camping trip, offering warmth and the ability to cook meals over an open fire. Most importantly, it's a bridge between camping enthusiasts and the epitome of outdoor living. Providing a profound connection to the natural world, it enhances the overall camping and outdoor cooking experience. This fire pit truly captures the spirit of an outdoor enthusiast, promoting the freedom and exhilaration found within nature's embrace.

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The Odoland Portable Camping Fire Pit, while compact and easy to assemble, is disappointingly small. The product images aren't exactly misleading - but a scale reference would stop it from appearing larger than it is. The size is a significant drawback, especially if you plan to use it at a campsite where ground fires and BBQs are not allowed. It's too low to the ground, and the ash holes allow ash to fall out, potentially causing damage to the grass and leaving a mess. The grill can only accommodate about six small burgers at a time, which is not ideal if you're with a larger group.

The product also lacks a locking system at the base, leaving a gap between the two plates. This design flaw and the numerous ventilation holes allow ashes and cinders to fall onto the ground. No ash tray or fire-resistant mat is included to catch the hot embers and ash, so you'll have to purchase these separately. This adds to the overall cost, making the fire pit less value for money. Despite the sturdy metal plates and powder coating, the wire rack feels cheap and has sharp nicks. Some users have also reported receiving the product with dents. While it may serve a purpose, its size, design flaws, and additional costs make it a disappointing purchase.

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In conclusion, the Odoland Portable Camping Fire Pit with Detachable Cooking Grate encapsulates the spirit of the outdoors, providing warmth, versatility, and the means for an incredible culinary experience. From its compact portability, effortless assembly, and strong, heat-resistant construction, to its capacity for different cooking methods and easy maintenance, it certainly qualifies as a valuable addition to your camping gear.

However, it fails to deliver in a few areas. The size of the grill is disappointing - allowing for just a handful of small burgers at a time, it falls short especially if you are camping in a group. Plus, the ash holes not only harm the environment but also add to cleaning time after use. With no locking system and ash tray included, the fire pit presents inherent design and functionality shortcomings. Further, the additional costs to purchase necessary safety measures detract from its overall value.

Despite these drawbacks, the fire pit exhibits commendable performance, especially considering it shields its fire effectively, even if smaller than expected. It is advisable to double-check the product dimensions to ensure they align with your individual needs.

In spite of its flaws, when all is said and done, the Odoland Portable Camping Fire Pit does extend a nod towards a quality outdoor experience. However, whether this product is an absolute must-have or a pass boils down to individual user needs and preferences. Be sure to contemplate the small size and potential extra costs before deciding to invest in this fire pit.

(Price When Reviewed: £37.99)


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