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Rock Your Campfire Cuisine with Amazon Basics Heavy-Duty Folding Grill - The Ultimate Camper's Grill/Pan/Toaster.

"Sturdy, inexpensive, folds relatively small and doesn't seem prone to rust. Their are lighter alternatives, but value is strong."

Hello there, fellow campers. Geoff K here. I'm a man of simple pleasures; give me a canvas above, and a fire crackling below, and I'm downright giddy. My trusted sidekick, a spirited pooch named Jess, and I have spent the last forty years exploring Europe’s finest camping spots in all weathers. During this time, we've learnt that a good camp-fire grill isn't something to compromise on as it's a critical part of the outdoor experience. We recently got our hands on the Amazon Basics Heavy Duty Folding Campfire Grill to test it out.

This folding friend promises to stand up to the rigours of camp cooking, all while being lightweight and easily portable. After all, when you're adventuring in the wilderness, every pound matters in the backpack, and every square inch counts. Jess doesn't carry much besides her enthusiasm, so it's mostly on me to pack efficiently. Let's see if this new piece of kit meets our expectations and delivers the quality performance we need, making our camp culinary experience a pleasant one. Grab your marshmallows, let’s get grilling.


The Amazon Basics Heavy Duty Folding Campfire Grill is designed for cooking over open fires. It is constructed from durable, high-quality welded steel and features a steel mesh grill top. The grill is compatible with outdoor cookware, such as heavy cast iron, but not suitable for direct-contact grilling. The legs of the grill are designed to angle outwards for increased stability and can be folded under for easy transportation and storage. It is medium-sized.

Weight2.23 kgs
MaterialCast Iron 
Dimensions29.97 x 46.99 x 23.37 cm
Good ForGrilling 


The Amazon Basics Heavy Duty Folding Campfire Grill is a brilliant addition to any camping expedition. Its robust strength and size make it ideal for cooking out in the wild. This isn't some flimsy piece of camping equipment; it's made of high-quality welded steel, strong enough to support the weight of heavy cast iron cookware such as Dutch ovens without a problem. In fact, the size is perfect for cooking multiple things at once, which is especially useful when cooking for a group. It's also compact and easy to transport, with legs that fold up neatly underneath, a handy feature for those who value utility and portability in their camping gear.

What stood out to me was its flexibility in terms of the cooking process; pans or baking sheets aren't necessarily needed as you can cook directly on top of the steel-mesh grill. Whether you're cooking for a gathering of outdoor enthusiasts or simply enjoying a solo adventure in the serenity of the wild, this grill can accommodate all of your culinary needs. It was especially useful during the lockdown period, proving that it doesn't need to be confined to camping alone.

Upon receiving a replacement for a defective unit, I found the grill to have smooth spot welds and it sat flush on the ground. This stability is crucial when traversing uncharted paths and setting up camp in potentially uneven terrain. It's clear the product is built with the outdoor enthusiast in mind and it delivers. Overall, this heavy-duty campfire grill deservingly recommends itself to any camper who values tough, long-lasting, and practical gear to fuel their adventures in the great outdoors.

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While the Amazon Basics Heavy Duty Folding Campfire Grill is marketed as a high-quality product, it seems to be made from a lower-grade steel. Also, it's worth noting that it's quite heavy, which can be a bit of a hassle when you're trying to transport it to and from your campsite.

Another issue I encountered was with the folding legs. They can collapse quite easily, which is not ideal when you're cooking over an open fire. A locking mechanism would be a great addition to ensure stability. Also, the instructions advise using it on a level surface, but it doesn't sit flush on the floor. It seems like the legs are not the same size, which is a manufacturing oversight. Despite these issues, it serves as a decent low table for cooking off and placing hot pots on, but it's not quite the heavy-duty campfire grill advertised.

Should You Buy?Image of Amazon Basics Heavy Duty Folding Campfire Grill

To summarize, the Amazon Basics Heavy Duty Folding Campfire Grill truly shines in some areas, but somewhat underdelivers on others. As a robust and versatile camping grill, it is ideal for various outdoor cooking activities. Its strength, adequately designed size, and rugged built quality are unquestionably impressive, capable of evenly supporting and heating cast-iron campfire cookware. The grill's compact and easily transportable design enhances its utilitarian charm, making it the perfect accompaniment on any wilderness expedition.

Negatives, however, primarily come from its manufacturing quality and stability. The grade of steel and dispersion of spot welds raise concerns about its long-term durability. The folding legs, albeit a clever space-saving feature, are prone to accidental collapse, which can be troublesome when in full-blown cooking mode. Its advertised proposition certainly leaves room for quality and design improvement.

In my overall assessment, despite its shortcomings, the Amazon Basics Heavy Duty Folding Campfire Grill excels in several ways. Given its affordability, it can certainly be considered for someone needing a dependable camping grill. It's not without its flaws, but it merits consideration. Remember that this isn't a lightweight grill made for delicate culinary endeavours - it's a solid, inexpensive workhorse built to withstand the rugged charm of outdoor adventures. But yes, ensure you're comfortable with the weight and the product’s long-term durability before buying. While it’s far from perfect, it holds strong value and brings a noteworthy toughness to the table, literally and metaphorically. So, if you're the type who values substance over style in your camping gear, this grill might be your ticket.

(Price When Reviewed: £26.00)


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