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Revamp Your Grilling Experience: The Epic Upgrade of FENNEK 4FIRE Hexagon Fire Pit's Grill plate Review

"Sturdy, portable and would work with most other (low) fire pits or an open fire. Recommended at this price as it should last a lifetime."

Greetings fellow outdoor enthusiasts, Geoff K. here, just back from another adventure, with my delightful canine companion, Jess, by my side. I've spent the last four decades in the glorious pursuit of finding the best camping spots throughout Europe. Through rain, snow, or sunshine, I’m happier sleeping under the canvas of my old faithful tent than any roof.

Over the years, I've come across a variety of grilling devices and all shapes and sizes of fire pits. Do they measure up? Sometimes. Today, I'll be sharing about the latest addition to the camping world, the FENNEK 4FIRE - Grill plate for the FENNEK Hexagon Fire Pit. Now, this isn’t any grand promise of a grilling revolution; it's simply me, with a hands-on assessment. We bought one, put it to the test, and I intend to share an honest review, based on my years of camping experience.

I've hovered over many fire pits, enjoying the dance of the flames, cherishing the sizzle of grilling meat. Let's see how the FENNEK 4FIRE measures up to the rigors of our traditional campsite cuisine.


This portable grill plate, compatible with the FENNEK Hexagon along with various other fire pits and open fires, is essential for barbecue enthusiasts and outdoorsmen. This product is crafted in Germany and comprises two sections: opened and closed, made from durable stainless steel for optimal grilling experience. The grill plate retains its taste-enhancing properties over prolonged use. Its dimensions measure 550 x 240 mm (21.7 x 9.4) and it comes in a packing of 308 x 248 x 24 mm (12.1 x 9.7 x 0.9). The product utilises FENNEK's recognised quick assembly system and can be ready in seconds. Constructed with temperature-resistant stainless steel, the product promises longevity and sturdiness.

Weight3.3 kgs
MaterialStainless Steel 
Dimensions55 x 24 cooking surface, 22 high cm
Good ForGrilling and careful frying 


As an adventurous outdoor enthusiast, I was blown away by the versatility of the FENNEK 4FIRE - Grill plate for the FENNEK Hexagon Fire Pit. The convenience this mobile BBQ grate provided during my camping and fishing excursions was exceptional. The fact that it can be used with the FENNEK Hexagon and countless other fire pits is a true testament to its universal tag. This feature proved useful when we came across different pit types during our travels, ensuring that we were always ready for an impromptu BBQ session to enjoy the fresh catch at the fishing locations.

The quality of this German-made grill plate is indomitable. Made from high-quality stainless steel, it guaranteed the best BBQ taste even after several uses. We used it frequently during our outdoor trips, and it retained its charm, reflecting the product's reliable nature. The whopping grilling surface of 550 x 240 mm further impressed me as it allowed for considerable food volume perfect for group camping.

One of the standout features of the FENNEK 4FIRE that provided an edge during camping and hiking was its assemble mechanism. The FENNEK stick together system was remarkably easy to operate. Regardless of the adrenaline rush post-rock climbing or exhaustion from hiking, setting up the grill was a breeze and could be completed in just a few seconds. Plus, it's worth noting the stable structure of this grill plate. Made from robust and temperature-resistant stainless steel, it assured longevity. This feature is crucial for any product aimed towards outdoor enthusiasts like me who need reliable and durable equipment.

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Despite the FENNEK 4FIRE Grill Plate's impressive dimensions, I found it quite cumbersome. While great for cooking large amounts of food, the large grilling surface made it difficult to manoeuvre, especially when adjusting the position over the fire. The packing dimensions also seemed a bit off, as it didn't fit as neatly into my camping gear as I had hoped.

The grill plate's 'stick together system' was also not as clever as it was made out to be. While the assembly was quick, the structure's stability was questionable. The grill plate wobbled when loaded with food, which was quite concerning and needed a little work to keep the sausages from tumbling into the grass or fire pit.

Should You Buy?Image of FENNEK 4FIRE - Grill plate for the FENNEK Hexagon Fire Pit

In conclusion, as a seasoned adventurer, I can confidently endorse the FENNEK 4FIRE Grill Plate. It adds a significant enhancement to the traditional outdoor cooking experience. The device's universality with various types of fire pits or an open flame fuels its versatility, while its robust, high-grade stainless steel build confirms its longevity and resilience through the harshest elements.

Although it does possess a few faults - namely, its bulky and cumbersome nature which can complicate handling, and an unstable assembly system that calls for improvement - these factors don't completely mar my endorsement of the product. The grilled delights one can prepare on its conveniently large grilling surface more than make up for these drawbacks. Moreover, its compact packaging dimensions, despite not fitting seamlessly into my equipment, does admirable justice to facilitate portability for such a sizeable grill.

Indeed, no device is perfect, but the FENNEK 4FIRE Grill Plate has proven itself a worthy companion in the great outdoors. Its flaws are minor compared to its benefits, and in my estimation, it remains a reliable asset for any passionate outdoor enthusiast - worth the investment for those seeking a lasting and versatile grilling surface. As with all purchases, consider your specific needs and preference when evaluating this product. But for me, the FENNEK 4FIRE Grill Plate has earned its place among my outdoor essentials.

(Price When Reviewed: £73.00)


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