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Meet the Ultimate Camping Companion: The Ridgemonkey Connect Sandwich Toaster ST - Granite with Tools Review

"If space or weight is a premium (when isn't it?) this is our top recommendation for a versatile, quality, well thought out toaster/pan."

Hello, fellow outdoors enthusiasts. Geoff K. here—lover of free-spirited roving, and definite connoisseur of the 'great canvas ceiling'. With a lovely trail companion named Jess (a rather adventurous canine, if I may say so myself), I've spent four decades reveling in all that Mother Nature offers, rambling from the craggy heights of the Scottish Highlands, to the sun-dappled olive groves in sunny Spain. The essence of my excursions, though, is the grub, the all-important fuel that keeps an old roamer like me ticking along.

Now, imagine my intrigue when I got my hands on the rather snappily named 'Ridgemonkey Connect Sandwich Toaster ST’ in Granite, with its own set of Integrated Tools. You might chuckle, but, by Jove, doesn't it feel just right to have access to a hot, tasty sandwich amidst the wilds? It's certainly not the Holy Grail of camping, but possibly holds the title for being the Most Coveted. The aim, with this piece, is to see whether this contraption truly lives up to its promise. Ready for the 'grilled' details? Onward, then.


The RidgeMonkey Sandwich Maker for Anglers is a product which weighs 670g, inclusive of handles and cooking utensils. Its dimensions are 180 x 295 (with handles) x 155 x 40 mm. The product features two flat-bottomed frying pans and a non-stick coating. In addition, there is a set of heat-resistant utensils, which include a magnetically cool touch and a thermosetting plastic handle. A pan protective bag is also part of the package. This sandwich maker has a removable hinge system and is built from lightweight aluminum. The product's exterior is ribbed to ensure even heat distribution and can be utilized with all conventional stoves and direct heat sources, excluding induction hobs. The color of the product is grey and it is composed of aluminum and plastic materials.

Weight0.670 kgs
Dimensions15.5 x 18 x 4 cm
Good ForToasties, pies, slices, naans, wraps, omelettes, cinnamon swirls 


A sublime addition to my camping kit, the RidgeMonkey Connect Sandwich Toaster ST has proven to be not just exceptional but proving to be an essential tool. Having a lightweight, sleek design, it doesn't take up much space in the camper van, which is always a bonus. The two flat-bottom frying pans, along with the included utensils, are a thoughtful touch. Undeniably, the highlight is the non-stick coating, which far surpasses any other product I've used effectively, making the clean-up process an absolute breeze. Moreover, the pans offer versatility not commonly seen among their contemporaries, allowing me to experiment with various meals, keeping things spontaneous and less predictable.

The swift cooking time is inconspicuous but certainly a pleasurable surprise, which is a relief, especially after a long day's adventure. I’ve had a positive experience cooking everything from bacon to a square sausage on this RidgeMonkey. Furthermore, the low cooking temperature minimises steam, ensuring comfort. Additionally, I can vouch for its durableness as it withstood many uses and less-than-careful cleaning.

Certainly, as a camper who enjoys the thrill of uncharted paths, the convenience and efficiency of this kitchen gadget elevate my outdoor experience. It has proved to be the perfect companion for camper van travel and caravan. It is the ideal tool for the adventurous palates of campers who desire a connection to the natural world, fulfilling not just the practical need of cooking but also keeping the environment clean with its amazing non-stick properties, enabling easy cleaning. This versatile, efficient, user-friendly sandwich toaster is a boon to my outdoor wanders. The RidgeMonkey Connect Sandwich Toaster ST doesn't merely get the job done - it enhances it significantly, making every camping trip a little more special.

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Despite its promising features, the Ridgemonkey Connect Sandwich Toaster ST, Granite with Integrated Tools, has some significant drawbacks. The most glaring issue is that some users have complained about the strong, unpleasant smell that seems to emanate from the plastic components - but this didn't affect my unit.

Another issue is with the design of the handles. On two separate occasions, the handles got stuck and were no longer removable, making it impossible to pack the pans away as intended. The mechanism to lock the handles onto the body of the pans is not reliable and seems prone to failure. Additionally, the included tools are not very useful, and I found it better to use full-sized utensils instead.

Should You Buy?Image of Ridgemonkey Connect Sandwich Toaster Standard, with Integrated Tools

My foray into the outdoor world has seen me test a treasure trove of kitchen tools, each with its unique merits and demerits, and the RidgeMonkey Connect Sandwich Toaster ST is no exception. This product shines bright with its lightweight design, superior non-stick capability, swift cooking time, and unanticipated resilience against challenging conditions. Its versatility makes it a stimulating addition to my camping escapades, removing the monotony and injecting a delightful unpredictability into my meals.

However, the fiddly handles sour this otherwise brilliant piece of kit.

Despite these drawbacks, this could be a satisfying investment if you’re the kind of camper who thrives with minimalism, valuing space and weight as higher priorities. Given its unique features, it's a well-designed item with a promising performance if you can surpass the initial hurdles. As such, purchasing the RidgeMonkey Connect Sandwich Toaster ST should hinge solely on your tolerance for its space-saving handles.

(Price When Reviewed: £24.00)


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