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Unveiling the SQ Professional Die-Cast Aluminium Griddle Pan: The Ultimate King of Cookware.

"High quality, traditional product that will last - sturdy and works well with induction hob - but watch for hot handles."

Hi folks, Geoff here. You're most likely to find me snuggled under a grand old oak, waterproof canvas overhead, my loyal dog Jess tucked by my side. For the past forty years, I've made Europe my campsite, trading in the comfort of a brick and mortar abode for the thrill of sleeping under the constellations. Away from civilisation with only my tent for company - that's my idea of comfort, home away from home.

Among my trusty travel companions, along with the essentials, the star of my wilderness culinary setup has been the 'SQ Professional Die-Cast Aluminium Griddle Pan'. This isn't the first griddle pan I've owned. When you camp as much as I do, you learn quickly what works and what doesn’t. So, when I recommend a pan, you can bet it’s passed a whole heap of tests conducted in the great outdoors. Grab a drink, take a seat. In this review, I'll let you in on why this nifty griddle pan has earned its place in my kit. No embellishments, no exaggerations - just an enthusiastic camper's honest opinion. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised. Together with Jess, I’m more than thrilled to share this discovery with you.


A high-end die-cast aluminium frame, a triple layered non-stick surface, resilient tempered glass covers fitted with steam escalations. The pans also include robust lateral grips and dials. Known for compatibility with most hob types, including inductive ones.

Weight1 kgs
Dimensions32 x 25 x 4.5 cm
Good ForGriddle Pan & Toasties 


The robustness and superior manufacturing of the SQ Professional Die-Cast Aluminium Griddle Pan is unmatchable. Having used this pan for over 2 years, it has become my staple cooking utensil; its premium die-cast aluminium body and 3-layered non-stick coating are still in perfect condition, making it an incredibly reliable tool. This pan can withstand various temperatures inside and outside the oven, reinforcing its durability and suitability for different cooking methods. Its compatibility with various hobs, including induction, makes it ideal for campers who value versatile, lasting gear.

The simplistic yet effective design of the SQ Professional Die-Cast Aluminium Griddle Pan is noteworthy. Setting up the stockpot is effortless, with sturdy side handles and knobs ensuring easy and safe usage.

Quality is also guaranteed with this griddle pan. Users have lauded the pan's excellent craftsmanship, ease of use, and high-grade materials, making it a much-loved addition to their camping gear. As a seasoned camper myself, I find the flexibility it offers is particularly valuable - whether I am preparing a catch from a fishing excursion or creating a hearty meal after a long day of hiking. The SQ Professional Die-Cast Aluminium Griddle Pan will significantly enhance any nature lover's culinary experience.

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However, the SQ Professional Die-Cast Aluminium Griddle Pan does have a few drawbacks. The most glaring issue is the handles and lid, which tend to get extremely hot during use. This has resulted in a few unexpected burns, making an oven glove an essential companion when using this pan. The handles are also on the smaller side, which can make handling the pan while cooking a bit of a challenge, especially if you're used to larger handles.

Another issue I've encountered is with cleaning. Despite its 3-layered non-stick coating, the pan can be quite difficult to clean properly. The rim and outside of the pan, as well as the glass lid, tend to retain grease smudges that are stubborn to remove, even after a thorough scrubbing or a cycle in the dishwasher. This doesn't affect the cooking process, but it can be a bit annoying if you like your cookware to look spotless.

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In conclusion, the SQ Professional Die-Cast Aluminium Griddle Pan is a top-quality, hard-wearing product that stands the test of time making it a reliable staple for cooking both at home and while camping. It is constructed with premium materials and has an effective design that simplifies its usage. Its compatibility with various hobs, including induction, exemplifies its versatility. Nonetheless, its high-performance isn't without minor flaws. Hot handles and a relatively difficult cleaning process are counterpoints to consider.

Despite these issues, the pan’s overall production quality, ease of use, and enduring durability are remarkable. Whether you’re preparing a quick catch from a fishing trip, or need a reliable tool for regular home cooking, the SQ Professional Die-Cast Aluminium Griddle Pan is likely to meet, if not exceed, your expectations. Nevertheless, ensure that you're equipped with a trusty oven glove to counteract the hot handles issue for a flawless cooking experience.

In essence, if you are willing to look past some negligible flaws, the Griddle Pan's superior traits make it an invaluable addition to your kitchen or camping gear. It truly embodies high standards both in terms of design and utility, solidifying its worth as a beneficial long-term investment in your culinary adventures.

(Price When Reviewed: £29.99)


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