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Is the PHATRIP Caravan Felt Plate and Cup Holder Set Still a Top Pick in 2023? Check Out Our Review.

"Good value, but only suitable for light use - and too absorbent to risk poor weather."

Hello folks, Geoff K. here. Longtime camper, lover of the open road, and dedicated outdoor enthusiast. My four-legged 'assistant', Jess, and I have spent a considerable chunk of our lives roaming across Europe, usually with no company other than the canvas of our trusty tent or the comforting echo of our motorhome. We believe that there's no sound sleep better than the one under the stars and that there's no better way to enjoy life than on the camping trail. And today, I want to share my views on a tool that has scaled up the camping experience for me - the 'PHATRIP Caravan Plate Holders Felt with Cup/Glass Holder x 2.' This neat little contraption isn't just a convenience, but a new addition to our camping life that deserves some attention. So, buckle up, grab a cuppa, and let’s dive into my experience with this product. Don't worry, I'll keep it down to earth, just like our beloved camping lifestyle.


The storage box is foldable with a compact design, able to house up to 6 cups. It collapses for space-saving functionality and measures 30 x 20 x 10 cm. It includes a removable padded divider for safe storage and scratch prevention, with each internal compartment measuring 10 x 10 cm.

The plate holder can accommodate up to 8 plates and also has a collapsible, space-saving design. It has dimensions of 28 x 20.5 x 20 cm and fits all plates with a diameter up to 26.6 cm (10.5 inches).

The storage box is constructed from high-quality materials for durability and plate protection. Its top, bottom and side panels are reinforced for extra protection during transportation.

The storage box is equipped with side handles for easy transport to dinners and events, with a weight capacity of up to 20 kg.

Weight0.64 kgs
Dimensions?30 x 22 x 14 cm


As someone who takes exceptional pride in my campervan, I found the PHATRIP Caravan Plate Holders remarkably versatile and practical. One of the reasons I favour this product so much is its great functionality. The cup storage box accommodating up to six cups creates an exceptionally organised environment, eradicating any clinking noise that previously echoed in the motorhome. This feature is much appreciated as it provides the much-desired serenity during our getaways. Additionally, the padded divider inside the cup holder ensures the area is secure and scratch-free.

The companion plate holder, which can house upto eight plates, reflects similar convenience and usability. Its compact design is indispensable in campervan life, striding towards making storage and transportation uncomplicated. Each internal compartment, measuring 10 x 10 cm, can store plates up to 26.6 cm in diameter, catering for various sized dishes and platters. Essentially, this duo makes eating and entertaining on the road not only feasible but a pleasure.

The quality of the PHATRIP duo is another highlight of this setup. The high-quality materials used in both the plate and cup holders ensure durability - essential for sturdy roads and frequent use. Furthermore, the reinforced top, bottom, and side panels provide peace of mind by offering additional protection during transit. I also adore the side handles featured on both products, enabling simple transport for outdoor dinners and festivities. With a carrying capacity of up to 20 kg, worry no more about broken plates or spilled drinks. To sum up, for those looking to enhance their campervan or motorhome experience and keep their utensils safe, the PHATRIP caravan plate and cup holders are an excellent investment.

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Despite the product's claims of a compact design, I found the PHATRIP Caravan Plate Holders to be quite bulky. The measurements may seem small on paper, but when you're dealing with limited space in a motor home, every centimeter counts. The cup storage box, in particular, seemed to take up more room than it saved, especially when filled with six cups. The internal compartments, while designed to prevent scratches, were a bit too snug, making it difficult to remove the cups without a bit of a struggle.

The plate holder, while able to hold up to eight plates, was not as versatile as I had hoped. It's suitable for plates with a diameter of up to 26.6 cm, but if you have larger plates or ones with a unique shape, you're out of luck. The side handles, while convenient for transport, were not as sturdy as I would have liked, especially when the box was filled to capacity. The claim that it can carry up to 20 kg seemed a bit optimistic, as the handles felt strained when the box was fully loaded.

Should You Buy?Image of PHATRIP Caravan Plate Holders Felt with Cup/Glass Holder x 2

In wrapping up, the PHATRIP Caravan Plate Holders certainly came with its highlights. I found it practical and versatile, helping to create an organised and serene environment within my campervan. The ability to hold up to six cups and eight plates while providing protection and security is commendable. The quality and durability of the products project a great value for money, considering their resilience to harsh usage and the convenient side handles facilitating outdoor transport.

However, I also encountered some shortfalls. The promised compactness was deceptive, especially when every centimetre is valuable. The snug compartments might safeguard against scratches but hinder easy removal, and it's a disappointment for those owning large or uniquely shaped plates. The side handles could use some escalation in strength, particularly when handling full loads. And while it's good value for money, the product is only suited for light use and some weather resilience should be part of any campervan essential.

Weighing the pluses and shortcomings, I conclude that the PHATRIP Caravan Plate Holders are a reasonable investment for those campervan adventurers with standard-sized tableware who prioritize orderly storage. However, if space is at a premium or dealing with heavier loads or inclement weather is a concern, think twice before making the purchase.

(Price When Reviewed: £11.99)


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