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ASUS Chromebook 14 CX1400CMA Review: Still Worth It in 2023?

"Basic, but very secure and very unlikely to go wrong or get infected. If you use the Google infrastructure this is the perfect low-risk laptop for email, web browsing and more."

Hi, I'm Jacob Rose and I've been testing and evaluating technology, travel gadgets, camping and climbing gear for the past 15 years. Before full-time blogging, I worked in Hewlett Packard Labs, so I know a thing or two about quality products.

Today, I'm here to review the ASUS Chromebook 14 CX1400CMA. As someone who loves to travel, I'm always looking for products that are lightweight, reliable, and can handle a range of tasks.

This Chromebook has a sleek, lightweight design and it's great for anyone who wants to stay connected while on the go. It's powered by an Intel Celeron processor and has 4GB of memory, so it's capable of multitasking and running multiple applications.

The battery life is solid and it offers fast charging capabilities. Plus, the 14-inch display gives you plenty of room to work on the go. But that's not all. This Chromebook has plenty of other features that I'll be covering in my review, so keep reading to get the full scoop. Thanks for joining me.


The ASUS Chromebook 14 CX1400CMA is designed to enhance productivity and enjoyment during daily mobility.

Its 14 inch Full HD display offers clear visuals.

Featuring 4GB RAM and 64GB eMMC, it provides ample storage capacity.

Support for Google Assistant voice-recognition enables convenient interaction.

The operating system is Google Chrome OS.

Included components consist of the laptop itself.

The system RAM type is DDR4 SDRAM.

Weight1.51 kgs
Screen Size14 inches
Warranty12 months
Operating SystemChromeOS 
Battery Life (estimated)12 hours
Dimensions32.26 x 1.8 x 22.8 cm
Good ForWeb, Video, Writing, Email 


I was initially hesitant to order the ASUS Chromebook 14 CX1400CMA, unsure if it would work with external devices like monitors or TVs. However, I decided to try it with a HDMI to USB-C adaptor, and it worked flawlessly. This laptop is perfect for basic tasks and supports a wide range of apps, including Microsoft Teams. For the features it offers, this Chromebook is an excellent value.

At a price point below $200, I expected a less powerful machine, but I was pleasantly surprised. My model is a dual-core Celeron running ChromeOS, and it has exceeded my expectations. This lightweight and speedy laptop has a long battery life, making it ideal for all my needs. I couldn't ask for more in terms of performance, especially considering the affordable price.

I purchased the ASUS Chromebook 14 for my wife's entertainment needs, and she's absolutely delighted with it. The screen quality is impressive, providing a great viewing experience for iPlayer, Netflix, and more. Additionally, the sound quality is perfect for close viewing, making it an excellent choice for undemanding use. This inexpensive Chromebook offers exceptional value for its features.

For bargain hunters like me, the ASUS Chromebook 14 CX1400CMA is a fantastic option. As a replacement for my previous Dell laptop, this Chromebook outperforms it in terms of sound, screen, finish, start-up time, and even speed. Setting it up was a breeze, especially if you're familiar with Google Chrome, YouTube, and other related tools. I found it to be an intuitive and high-quality device that perfectly suits my needs. With its accessibility to bookmarks, email accounts, and other apps, I highly recommend this Chromebook as an excellent value for the price.

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I've had the ASUS Chromebook 14 CX1400CMA for less than a month, and I must say, the battery life is quite disappointing. Even when the laptop is not in use, unless I power it down, the battery struggles to last for 10 hours. Another issue I encountered with this Chromebook is the constant Wi-Fi connection problems. I had to reset the laptop multiple times as it kept losing its connection. It's quite frustrating, especially when I'm in the middle of an important task. Additionally, the price of this Chromebook is quite high considering the limited hard disk space it offers. I was expecting more for the price I paid.

Overall, I must admit that this ASUS Chromebook 14 is not quite living up to my expectations. While some users may find it suitable for their needs, I personally feel that it falls short in terms of battery life and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Should You Buy?Image of ASUS Chromebook 14 CX1400CMA

In conclusion, while the ASUS Chromebook 14 CX1400CMA has its fair share of positives, such as its compatibility with external devices and support for a wide range of apps, it falls short in some key areas. The disappointing battery life, Wi-Fi connection problems, and limited hard disk space are significant drawbacks for a device in this price range.

That being said, the Chromebook does have its merits. It offers a surprising level of performance for a machine priced below £250, exceeding expectations with its dual-core Celeron processor and ChromeOS. The laptop is lightweight, speedy, and boasts a long battery life, making it suitable for basic tasks.

For users seeking an affordable option primarily for entertainment purposes, the ASUS Chromebook 14 delivers. Its impressive screen quality and adequate sound make it ideal for streaming services like iPlayer and Netflix. Additionally, its tight integration with the Google infrastructure provides a secure and low-risk experience for email, web browsing, and more.

However, if you prioritize an extended battery life and a reliable Wi-Fi connection, this Chromebook may not be the best choice. Given its limitations, I would recommend carefully considering your needs and budget before committing to this product.

While the ASUS Chromebook 14 CX1400CMA offers decent value for its features, there might be alternative options in the market that provide a better overall experience.

(Price When Reviewed: £249.99)


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