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The Little Bodhi Microfibre Towel with carry bag Review: Still Worth It in 2023?

"Amazing towels for travelling, good quality, good size - a quality product at a reasonable price."

Hello there! I'm Geoff K., and I've been camping for over half a century all around Europe. I'm happiest when I'm sleeping underneath canvas, and my trusty pooch, Jess, often joins me on my adventures. I've recently begun using The Little Bodhi Microfibre Towel with carry bag, and I'm so glad I did!

I was looking for a towel that was lightweight and could fit in my pack, but that could also dry me off quickly and effectively after a dip in a mountain river. The Little Bodhi ticked all the boxes. The fabric is super soft and comfortable, and the towel absorbs twice its weight in water and dries super fast. It even comes with its own carry bag, which means I can pack it away neat and tidy when I'm done.

So, if you're an avid camper who needs a practical and lightweight towel, I'd highly recommend The Little Bodhi Microfibre Towel with carry bag. It's perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities, and it's sure to keep you dry and comfortable!


Compact and lightwight with a comfortable suede feel, the Little Bodhi Microfiber Towel with Carry Bag features super absorbency and fast drying capabilities. It is available in three sizes (Medium: 100cm x 50cm, Large: 150cm x 80cm, Extra Large: 180cm x 90cm) in vibrant colors. Its anti-bacterial properties prevent odours, making it perfect for camping, gym, sports, travel, beach, and general purpose use.

Weight0.15 kgs
Dimensions90 x 90 cm


If you're an outdoor enthusiast, the Little Bodhi Microfibre Towel with carry bag is a must-have. This handy product features a comfortable suede feel that is incredibly lightweight and compact, perfect for camping, fishing, travel, and adventure. What's more, it comes in three sizes - medium, large, and extra-large – so you can find the perfect size for your needs.

Not only is the Little Bodhi Microfibre Towel incredibly absorbent and fast drying, but it also has antibacterial properties for odour prevention. The vibrant colours make it the perfect accessory for any camping trip and those who use it to dry their hair after swimming have been especially impressed. One user commented that it is excellent for carrying around to the gym and even the smallest size is perfectly adequate for drying off after a shower.

The Little Bodhi Microfibre Towel is perfect for any outdoor enthusiast, from those who enjoy hiking and rock climbing, to those who embrace the challenge of uncharted paths. Whether you're a camper, a traveller, a fisher, or an adventurer, this handy product will help you make the most of your time in nature. So if you're looking for the perfect accessory for your next journey, this Little Bodhi Microfibre Towel is the answer.

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I was a little hesitant to try out the Little Bodhi Microfibre Towel with carry bag, but I'm glad I did. It's compact and lightweight with a comfortable suede feel, plus vibrant colours and three sizes to choose from. It's also anti-bacterial so it prevents odours. Unfortunately, it doesn't handle hairy bodies very well (Jess, not mine!) and absorbs water poorly, especially on smooth skin. But on the plus side, it dries really quickly, which is great for camping, gym, sports, travel, beach and general purpose use. I also found it great for my hair, as it's not too small or too big, and it's super absorbent and dries quickly. I've already bought a second one for everyday use after swimming.

Should You Buy?Image of The Little Bodhi Microfibre Towel with carry bag

In conclusion, the Little Bodhi Microfibre Towel with carry bag is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. Its lightweight and compact design, coupled with its comfortable suede feel, make it the perfect companion for camping, fishing, travel, and adventure. With three sizes to choose from – medium, large, and extra-large – you can easily find the perfect fit for your needs.

One of the standout features of this towel is its exceptional absorbency and fast drying capabilities. Additionally, its antibacterial properties ensure that odours are kept at bay. The vibrant colors not only make it a stylish accessory for any camping trip, but also a practical one. Many users have raved about its effectiveness in drying their hair after swimming.

While there have been some drawbacks mentioned, such as its limited performance on hairy bodies and poor water absorption on smooth skin, the towel's quick drying feature more than makes up for these minor inconveniences. It is versatile and suitable for various purposes, whether it be camping, hitting the gym, engaging in sports, or simply general use.

Overall, the Little Bodhi Microfibre Towel with carry bag receives high praise among users. Its quality, size options, and reasonable price point make it an excellent purchase. The versatility and effectiveness of this product prove it to be a valuable addition to any outdoor enthusiast's gear collection.

If you're in search of a reliable and efficient towel for your next adventure, look no further than the Little Bodhi Microfibre Towel. Its impressive features and positive user remarks are a testament to its worthiness.

(Price When Reviewed: £12.99)


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Geoff K.

Co-founder of Destiny River, with over forty years of experience camping throughout Europe, I'm happier sleeping under canvas than sleeping under a roof! I hope to inspire others to appreciate and protect the remarkable landscapes that our planet has to offer.

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