Destiny River Adventure


Safety Information

Trip Safety

Safety is the first priority for Destiny River Adventures on all aspects of your adventure. However, an element of personal risk is inherent in all river adventure trips offered.

The provincial and federal governments require the rafting industry to maintain a high standard of safety in both equipment and guide certification that is among the best in the world. In addition, the BC River Outfitters Association requires members to operate above the government required standards. Destiny River Adventures exceeds these requirements in the provision of our guest services. All professional guides are certified, first aid and swiftwater rescue trained.

Destiny River Adventures, in accordance with the regulations, prohibits the participation of guests under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Guests exhibiting behaviour suggesting the influence of drugs or alcohol will be refused the opportunity to participate in the trip with no refund of deposit.

Many of our trips require guests to be able to participate in physically exerting activity. Please inform us of any medical conditions that would not allow you to actively participate in order to allow our staff to suggest a trip suited to your abilities.


Other than personal clothing and accessories, Destiny River Adventures will supply all the equipment and protective safety gear required for all our trips. We only operate with high quality personal safety equipment for your comfort and protection.

A helmet, wetsuit, booties and personal floatation device will be provided for all our bigger splash rivers. Wearing of helmets and wetsuits is optional on the Campbell River and portions of our multi-day expeditions. You should bring a swimsuit (for under the wet suit), rain jacket, sunglasses (strap included and polarized lenses are best) and sun screen.

Layering for Cold Water Rafting

The key to staying warm is layering appropriate clothing under and over the supplied wetsuit.  NO COTTON – it does not keep you warm when it is wet. 

If you get cold easily you should bring:

  • an underlayer (for under the supplied wetsuit) of polyester or merino wool long underwear
  • an overlayer of medium weight fleece or wool
  • a fleece or wool cap for under the supplied helmet (fleece caps are available for purchase)
  • neoprene, polyester or wool socks for inside the wetsuit booties
  • a rain or splash jacket to provide a wind/waterproof layer (splash jackets are available for rent)



Save time and come prepared for your next Destiny River Adventure by filling out the waivers below.  Click on the waiver below and it will take you to a fillable PDF that you can print off at home and bring with you to Destiny River Adventures.

Included in a full day Nimpkish river trip.

  • “RIVER TIME” is approx. 4 to 6 hrs depending on river levels and size of group.
  • Includes wetsuit, booties, PFD, helmet and riverside buffet lunch plus hot chocolate when back at bus. Please let us know if any alergies or dietary needs.
  • Youth 12 years old and under must be at least 50 lbs to fit the rafting safety equipment.