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Experience Ultimate Comfort on Road Trips: Milestone Camping 88070 Inflatable Pillow Review - A Must-Have for Campervan Enthusiasts.

"Superbly cheap and deflates extremely small for pack storage, however comfort is only so-so."

Hello fellow outdoor enthusiasts, Jacob Rose here to bring you another insightful product review. Today, we're taking it up a notch with an essential piece of camping gear that tends to be overlooked - the humble pillow. Meet the Milestone Camping 88070 Inflatable Pillow with Flocked Surface. Now, some of you might be thinking, 'how riveting could a review of a pillow be?' And to you I say, hold onto your camping hats, because things might get a bit more interesting than you assumed.

As a seasoned veteran in product testing and evaluation, I've spent a good chunk of 15 years steeped in the details of everything from travel gadgets to hardcore climbing gear. I've even pounded the metaphorical pavement in the high-paced world of Hewlett Packard labs, assessing the worthiness of the latest and greatest tech offerings. Now, in my full time blogging career, I use that experience to bring you real, down-to-earth and valuable insights on products that can make or break your next wilderness expedition.

The Milestone Camping 88070 Inflatable Pillow emerged on my radar with its promise of comfort without compromise, aiming to take the crick out of your neck after a long day’s hike. This field is not without fierce competition, but today lets see how our flocked friend fares against its rivals. Stay tuned.


INFLATABLE PILLOW The Milestone Camping 88070 Inflatable Pillow is designed for comfort and portability, enabling sleep away from home.

USE ANYWHERE The pillow can be utilised in various locations including whilst travelling, camping, at outdoor events, and as a temporary home replacement.

FLOCKED DESIGN The pillow includes a flocked design with a smooth vinyl layer providing waterproof capabilities. This ensures the pillow remains dry even in wet conditions.

EASILY INFLATE & DEFLATE Due to its compact size, the Inflatable Pillow can be inflated quickly with an electric pump. On completion of use, it can be deflated and folded to less than half its size for easy storage.

MILESTONE CAMPING Milestone Camping is a manufacturer specialising in outdoor items. Products can be viewed on the Milestone Camping Amazon page.

Weight0.17 kgs
MaterialFlocked Plastic 
Dimensions37 x 10 x 53 cm


Judging from my own experience and consistent positive feedback from other users, the Milestone Camping 88070 Inflatable Pillow is an asset for campervan owners. This handy, portable pillow provides crucial comfort for those long drives across the UK or Europe. Whether you're settling in for a good night's sleep in your van or relieving your discomfort during a long ride - it's got your back, quite literally. This pillow was instrumental in reducing the discomfort I felt on a long plane journey, a testament to its versatility outside the campervan setting.

The Milestone Camping 88070 doesn’t disappoint when it comes to practicality. Its easy setup and compact size make it perfect for those who are constantly on-the-move. Travelling, camping, or simply needing a replacement pillow at home - this inflatable pillow meets your needs. What’s remarkable is its flocked design - even if you have to carry it through the rain, rest assured that you will be laying your head on a dry surface. Its ability to effectively inflate and deflate, all while being easy to store makes it a valuable asset for any motorhome owner.

But what stands out is its affordability. Quality at a good price point is what every camper or motorhome owner seeks, and this pillow shines in that aspect. As confirmed by other users, it is worth every penny, providing you with extra comfort without draining your wallet. Ultimately, the Milestone Camping 88070 Inflatable Pillow is a thoughtful combination of comfort, practicality and affordability. It’s these features that make it a noteworthy addition to any campervan owner's essentials list.

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However, I did encounter some issues with the Milestone Camping 88070 Inflatable Pillow. The first problem was with the inflation process. Despite the product description stating that it can be easily inflated, I found it to be quite hard and uncomfortable even after letting some air out. It was still the same, and in the end, it was quite flat but still uncomfortable. This was a bit disappointing as I was expecting a comfortable pillow that would give me a good night's sleep anywhere, anytime.

Another issue I had was with the valve of the pillow. One of the pillows I bought had a faulty valve. Even with the stop pushed in firmly, it still stayed inflated indefinitely. This was quite inconvenient as I had to constantly check on it to make sure it was still inflated. Also, while the pillow is advertised as being suitable for use anywhere, I found it a bit too small for using as a float in the pool during my holidays. Despite these issues, the pillow does its job, but it could definitely use some improvements.

Should You Buy?Image of Milestone Camping 88070 Inflatable Pillow with Flocked Surface

After thoroughly testing and analyzing, both the merits and the demerits of Milestone Camping 88070 Inflatable Pillow, I can authoritatively say that it presents itself as an essential partner to any campervan owner. Impressively, it goes beyond and serves as a comfort companion during long plane journeys and fills in as a home replacement pillow just as easily. With compact size and impressive durability, it scores high on practicality. The notable flocked design ensures your head rests on a dry surface, a feature that eases camping woes.

Yet, it isn’t entirely without flaws. Issues arose with the inflation process and the valve of the pillow, souring the expected easy use. The pillow found itself to be wearyingly hard and without the promised squishy comfort. It was somewhat of a letdown given the expectation of unwinding into a good night's sleep in any locale.

While not entirely as portable as marketed due to its slightly larger size, it is economically favourable. Its affordability doesn’t compromise its quality, making it a worthwhile investment for those seeking comfort at a good price point. Its super cheap cost and exceedingly compact deflation for pack storage add to its appeal.

To sum it up, the Milestone Camping 88070 Inflatable Pillow presents a mixed bag of enhanced comfort, practicality, affordability but needs improvement in the usability department. It indeed does the job it's expected to, but with some tweaks, it could do even better. Despite some drawbacks, I'd suggest that this product’s merits make it worth considering for those committed to experiencing life on the road.

(Price When Reviewed: £4.99)


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