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2023 Review: Is the Black+Decker ADV1200 Auto Portable Vac Still a Game Changer?

"Good build quality, but not quite powerful enough. Look for a product with a higher wattage."

Hi everyone, Rebecca Wills here with another product review, and let me tell you, I'm excited to discuss the 'Black + Decker ADV1200 auto portable vacuum cleaner'. As a vanlifer, tech enthusiast, and all you need to know digital nomad, cleanliness in my compact spaces is paramount and so is storage. It's clear to me that Black+Decker has designed the ADV1200 with motorhome explorers like myself in mind.

Juggling my web development work with my love for travel means that my vans, both in the UK and the US, are my ultimate sanctuaries. So when it comes to keeping them clean and dust free, I refuse to compromise. Having a robust, yet portable, vacuum cleaner that can live up to the challenges of an ever-changing environment is indispensable to my lifestyle. I was looking for something small, but powerful and I believe I've found just what I needed in the Black + Decker ADV1200.

Now, you may be wondering how a product like this fits into the grand scheme of my nomadic tech-infused lifestyle. Well, hold onto your seats, because in this review, I’m going to delve into just how this tiny marvel proves that size doesn't always equate to power. Whether you're a fellow traveler, a tech hoarder, or just someone curious about nifty cleaning tools, I hope you extract some value from my upcoming review. Let's dive right in, shall we?


The product's packaging weight of the Black + Decker ADV1200 auto portable vacuum cleaner is 1.719 kg. The length of the packaging measure 27.6cm, the width is 20.2cm and the height is being 23.0cm.

Power Output11 watts
Weight1.3 kgs
Dimensions27 x 23 x 20 cm


As a proud campervan owner, keeping my vehicle clean is a top priority and the Black + Decker ADV1200 auto portable vacuum cleaner did not disappoint. The unit's size and weight, with just 1.719 kgs and dimensions easily accommodated in most storage spaces, complement the need for compact and efficient tools in any motorhome. The delivery was prompt and seamless - a nod to the brand's reliable customer service as noted by many other users.

The Black + Decker ADV1200 boasts good suction power for a 12V portable vacuum cleaner, making it a robust tool for quick daily clean-ups around the campervan. While the device's suction may not rival that of a heavy-duty, mains equivalent vacuum, it effectively picks up everyday dirt and dust. Emptying the container and maintaining the filter are straightforward processes, contributing to the unit's overall convenience.

Included in the package are a brush and an extension hose which many users, myself included, find highly functional. The brush efficiently collects surface debris, while the extension hose helps reach those tight corners and awkward spots commonly found in motorhomes. Thanks to the Black + Decker ADV1200, noticeable cleanliness can be maintained without dampening the spirit of easy, breezy holidaying in the UK and Europe.

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The Black + Decker ADV1200 auto portable vacuum cleaner, unfortunately, did not live up to my expectations. The suction power was a significant letdown, it was simply not strong enough to pick up all the dirt and debris in my car. I found myself having to go over the same spot multiple times, and even then, it didn't pick up everything it was supposed to. It's disappointing to see such a lack of efficiency in a product from a reputable brand like Black + Decker.

Moreover, the vacuum cleaner's durability is questionable. It seems to be quite fragile and I fear it may not last long if not handled with the utmost care. The tank capacity is also smaller than the previous model, which means more frequent emptying. It's also worth noting that this model is less powerful than its predecessor. If you're considering this model, bear in mind that it might need to be used in combination with a more powerful vacuum cleaner for a thorough clean.

Should You Buy?Image of Black + Decker ADV1200 auto portable vacuum cleaner

In summary, the Black + Decker ADV1200 auto portable vacuum cleaner is a significant tool for a motorhome owner. Its lightweight design and added attachments enhance its convenience and suitability for a travelling lifestyle. This model's efficiency in dealing with daily mess is notable, and the maintenance isn't complex either. However, it does have its drawbacks.

The compromised suction power is a letdown, requiring multiple passes over the same areas to achieve a clean finish. Additionally, questions about the unit's durability might come into play over time, with its build seeming somewhat fragile. Despite bearing the reputable Black + Decker branding, this model lacks the robustness seen in previous models, evident in its smaller tank capacity and overall weaker performance.

While the unit is genuinely purposeful and maintains a fair standard of cleanliness in a campervan, you might need an auxiliary device for a robust, all-round clean. Subsequently, prospective customers should consider all these factors before making the purchase.

In light of these findings, I recommend the Black + Decker ADV1200 for routine cleaning requirements, bearing in mind its limitations. If you're searching for deep-cleaning and high-intensity suction, a more powerful, perhaps larger device might serve you better. Nevertheless, for basic tidying and maintenance in compact living spaces, the Black + Decker ADV1200 still proves itself to be a commendable choice.

(Price When Reviewed: £57.00)


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