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Is the Alkamto Orthopedic Travel Pillow Still a Game-changer in 2023?

"Well made and comfortable, squashes down very small - much softer and more supportive than inflatable equivalents, but pricey for full size."

Hello everyone, I'm Jacob Rose and I have often found myself at the intersection where technology meets comfort, thanks to my 15-year-long journey through product testing. Having navigated through a sea of travel gadgets, camping gear, thrilling climbing equipment and the labyrinth of Hewlett Packard labs, I arrive here today with another product under my critical eye. Enter the 'Alkamto Travel Pillow - Orthopedic Neck Support Memory Foam Pillow'.

Given our increasingly mobile lives, balancing comfort on the go can be a bit of a tightrope walk. The perfect travel pillow, much like that elusive perfect camping spot or the flawless cup of road-trip coffee, tends to be more of a myth than a reality. But, as an intrepid explorer of comfort-enhancing products, the myth is exactly what I seek to debunk.

This time around, it’s Alkamto’s Travel Pillow, interestingly touted as an 'Orthopedic Neck Support Memory Foam Pillow', that's up for review. Will it really stand up to its promise? Can it offer us the portability-comfort balance that we all crave during our travels? Well, let's find out together, as we delve into the particulars of this “Orthopedic Neck Support Memory Foam Pillow” - a mouthful of a title for sure, but is the performance as big as the name? Let's set the wheels, or rather the necks, in motion.


LIGHT & EASY TO PACK - This pillow is lightweight and includes a waterproof travel bag with a cotton cover for easy transport on various trips, including camping, fishing, backpacking, hiking, beach outings, or festivals. The compressible and self-inflatable unit conveniently fits inside its compact travel bag, achieving full size in seconds when removed. Suitable for airplanes, trains, and cars, as well as outdoor activities and travel accessories.

COMFORT LIKE AT HOME - The Alkamto travel pillow features specially developed luxury viscoelastic memory foam that precisely adjusts to your head and neck contours. This provides home-like comfort and support during travel or camping, or even stays at hotels. Its square shape ensures maximum comfort and rest in any position. This alleviates the need for uncomfortable inflated pillows and eliminates stiff neck or shoulders upon waking.

PREVENTS SWEATING - The high-end German CosyPUR memory foam has been incorporated into the pillow, with ventilation channels allowing for air flow and sweat drainage. This prevents night sweats. Its ergonomic shape ideally fits the curve of your head and neck, relieving pressure points, decreasing pain and encouraging restful sleep.

HEAT REGULATING - Regulating heat fibers are contained in the thermo cover, providing thermal management by dispersing cold and emitting heat to maintain prefect temperature throughout the night. It is soft, hypoallergenic and adheres to OEKO-TEX standards using natural materials. A dust-proof inner cotton cover effectively prolongs the life of the memory foam core. The two layers of cover offer sustainable comfort and are washable at 40C.

HYPOALLERGENIC & NATURAL - The Alkamto memory foam pillow is safe, non-toxic and developed with cooling thermoregulation technology. The main distinction of the Alkamto pillow is its odorless and skin-friendly nature from other brands. Alignment of the head and spine allows the tongue and lower jaw to move forward, enabling air to flow unrestricted in the airway. This reduces snoring and enhances sleep quality. The packed size is 26 x 13 cm, and the full size is 40 x 25 x 10 cm.

Weight0.6 kgs
MaterialPolyester Memory Foam, Cotton Rayon 
Dimensions40 x 25 x 10 cm


As an avid campervan owner, I can vouch for the Alkamto Travel Pillow as one of the best comfort accessories I've purchased. Its lightweight and compressible design makes it easy to carry around, even when burdened with a host of other camping gear. The waterproof travel bag is a thoughtful addition, allowing me to carry the pillow along for all types of outdoor activities. Whether it is a festival or a simple camping trip, this pillow packs up small making it a convenient addition to my campervan paraphernalia.

Perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of the Alkamto Travel Pillow is its comfort, which rivals that of the pillows at home. The luxury viscoelastic memory foam brilliantly adapts to the contours of my head and neck, hence limiting any discomfort and providing optimal support. The pillow enhanced my sleep considerably during a recent camping trip, and I found myself waking up without the common stiff neck or shoulder pain. It is vastly superior to any inflatable pillow that I've used in the past.

Further, the heat regulation and sweat prevention offered by this pillow are simply incomparable. The German CosyPUR memory foam facilitates fresh air flow and conveniently drains the sweat off its surface, adding extra convenience for those sweaty summer camping nights. The temperature regulating fibers ensure optimal thermal management at all times. Additionally, the hypoallergenic pillow is safe and non-toxic, and it comes with washable covers, thus extending the life of the memory foam core. In essence, the Alkamto Travel Pillow has made campervan life significantly easier and much more comfortable.

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One of the main issues I encountered with the Alkamto Travel Pillow was the discrepancy in the dimensions. The pillow was advertised as being 8.5cm high, but in reality, it was more like 10cm high, even with the cover supplied. This might not seem like a big deal, but when you're trying to pack light for a trip, every centimeter counts. Additionally, while the pillow is indeed compact, it's still a bit on the small side. It's comfortable enough for short trips, but I wouldn't want to rely on it for everyday use.

Another downside is the carrying bag. While it's a nice idea in theory, the elastic is too weak to withstand regular use. I doubt it would survive a second festival, which means I'll have to find room for it inside my camping bag instead. Also, despite its claim of being easy to pack, I found that the pillow doesn't compress well for backpacking. If you're not concerned about size or weight, it's a decent pillow, but if you need it to pack down small, you might want to look elsewhere.

Should You Buy?Image of Alkamto Travel Pillow - Orthopedic Neck Support Memory Foam Pillow

In conclusion, it's clear from my experience that the Alkamto Travel Pillow is a remarkable product that ticks most boxes for those seeking comfort and convenience in their outdoor adventures. It impresses with its viscoelastic memory foam construction, admirable comfort levels, and smart sweat prevention features. The pillow truly set itself apart when it comes to providing supreme neck and shoulder support, the essential components for a restful sleep.

That said, it does falter slightly when it comes to some crucial aspects. The dimensions were not as advertised, and the durability of the carrying bag did leave some room for improvement. Also, despite being quite compact, it's slightly smaller than ideal for daily usage. Lastly, while it is capable of compressing to a degree, it may not be the best option for backpackers who must prioritize size and weight.

Weighing in all factors, the Alkamto Travel Pillow is definitely a solid investment for short trips or occasional use, but perhaps not the best fit for hardcore backpackers seeking extreme lightness and portability. If your primary concern is utmost comfort and are willing to compromise a bit on size and dimension accuracy, this pillow is well worth the price. The Alkamto Travel Pillow is hence a largely impressive product that ensures a fair trade-off between comfort and portability, and that alone makes it worth considering for your next adventure.

(Price When Reviewed: £70.00)


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